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ACL204 Firmware

All different Lockit units can be updated with the same updater tool.

ACL Firmware 3.34

Lockit Update 3.34 MAC

Lockit Update 3.34 Windows

New in Firmware Version 3.34:

  • All ACN devices: improvement of Jam / C-Jam command set, now Jam and C-Jam commands are separated to avoid inadvertent jamming.
  • Improvement of C-Jam auto-tuning: should a device have lost wireless connection for a longer period of time and senses a drift has happened once it comes back into network, the tune value now changes smoothly until synchronicity is achieved.
  • ACN-LS: Clap time is transmitted into ACN.
  • ACN-TL:  in menu SYS>Config>Lemo-ACN in addition to MTC and COM now LANC and GPIO can be selected to register record start / stop of cameras and transmit to ACN


  • Continuous Jam mode
    • enables an auto tuning functionality which brings down the drift to 0.0ppm within the network
  • Generator buffered TC transmitter and receiver mode
    • By using the currently existing ACN hardware the Lockit can be used as a wireless TC transmitter or receiver. The generator running in the background takes over when the unit is losing signal. These way TC dropouts are relics of the past. 
  • MIDI TC Interface and Convert Mode
    • When the unit is connected with a computer it will be recognized as Audio/ Midi device. This way the ACL 204 opens up the possibility to sync for examples multiple cameras with a Pro Tools workstation.
  • LNA Low Noise Antenna Amplifier
    • For professional users we added a LNA to the pin protected ACN section to increase the ACN range, when needed. (As all amplifiers the LNA needs power so it will reduce the unit's battery life.
  • Selectable Battery Type 
    • for a type matched battery display
  • Bugfix: Occasional Midi problems in combination with ACN


    New Manual

    The ACL204 is already equipped with an internal antenna. Therefore no additional accessory is needed to get full access to all features.

Added: The first part of the ACN network functionality.

Fix to 2.0: Spelling correction

The ACL204 is already equipped with an internal antenna. Therefore no additional accessory is needed to get full access to all features.

With the “ACN Basic” integrated in this firmware the user is able to jam sync all ACN compatible devices within the network. To gain the best possible range 16 network channels are available as well as variable output power.
One ACL204 is used to jam the others by broadcasting a sync command. Afterwards it will display how many devices have been jammed and how many couldn’t be jammed because of mismatching user settings (e.g. not integer frame rates).
In the ACN menu the external antenna can be activated and the antenna gain can be modified. To comply with FCC rules, these functions are PIN protected. Please ask your dealer for more informations.

V. 1.01.0008 04/13/2012
Added: Userbit menu:
JamUB: normal (userbits are taken from ext. TC when jamming) manual (userbits are not overwritten when jamming from external, so a date can be set etc.) insert (userbits can be inserted on the fly without re-jamming. TC jamming still dependent on TC jam mode)
EditUB: manual setting of userbits.

V. 1.02.0010 05/11/2012
fix: tuning via ACC101 now works.
fix: drop frame after reboot is being put out correctly (before: drop-frame TC was put out after setting the frame rate to drop-frame coming from a non-drop rate, but upon reboot the TC was non-drop even though DF was displayed.

V. 1.02.0011 05/14/2012
fix: glitch in tune control voltage when switching psu for different battery voltages
fix: occasional double flash condition with no reason

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