Ambient Recording

ACN-TL Firmware

All different Lockit units can be updated with the same updater. updater tool.

Firmware 3.34

Lockit Update 3.34 MAC

Lockit Update 3.34 Windows

New in Firmware Version 3.34:

  • All ACN devices: improvement of Jam / C-Jam command set, now Jam and C-Jam commands are separated to avoid inadvertent jamming.
  • Improvement of C-Jam auto-tuning: should a device have lost wireless connection for a longer period of time and senses a drift has happened once it comes back into network, the tune value now changes smoothly until synchronicity is achieved.
  • ACN-LS: Clap time is transmitted into ACN.
  • ACN-TL:  in menu SYS>Config>Lemo-ACN in addition to MTC and COM now LANC and GPIO can be selected to register record start / stop of cameras and transmit to ACN


  • Conitnous jam mode
    • Enables an auto tune broadcast for a constant time leveling. This way the drift within the ACN is reduced to 0.0ppm
  • Selectable Battery Type 
    • for a type matched battery display
  • Bugfix: Occasional Midi problems in combination with ACN


The ACN-TL is already equipped with an internal antenna. Therefore no additional accessory is needed to get full access to all features.

In the ACN menu the external antenna, as well as a LNA can be activated and the antenna gain can be modified. To comply with FCC rules, these functions are PIN protected. Please ask your dealer for more informations.


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